Floor finish can quickly wear down removing the protective coat and dulling the look of your floors Immaculate and gleaming hard composition floors make a strong statement about a building, the professionalism of its occupants and a business’ commitment to the health of its employees and visitors.

Ouradvanced floor cleaning equipment and laborsaving techniques provide superior flexibility and enhance cleaning technician productivity.

  • Microfiber Dusting and Mopping
  • Stripping, Waxing, and Refinishing
  • Tile and Grout Restoration
  • Stone Floor Maintenance and Polishing
  • Concrete Floor Scrub and Sealing
  • Polishing and Burnishing Programs

To achieve cost-effective and efficient cleaning, we accomplish the precise level of cleanliness for every hard floor surface and soil traffic level throughout the building. Project-based floor care tasks like stripping; refinishing and sealing hard floors are a critical part of maintaining a positive business image and a hygienic work environment.