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    10 Weird Toilet Cleaning Tips That Really Work

    Coca-Cola, vinegar, baby oil. It’s an ingredient list that sounds like something bored kids might concoct on a rainy day. But these are just a few of the surprising products you can use to keep your toilet clean and in tip-top shape. What’s more, repurposing common household items like these not only saves money, but helps cut down on harsh cleaning products that can be harmful to your family and the environment.

    Read on for 10 weird, wacky-yet-effective toilet fixes that are worth a try

    t may sound like an urban legend, but plenty of folks swear that Coke dissolves toilet rust rings. Here’s how: Pour a full can around the rim so that it fully coats the bowl, then let it sit for at least an hour to allow the acids in the soda to break down the stains. Scrub with a toilet brush, then flush. If this isn’t effective, it may be time for Tip #2.

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